Fight – Unkown CallerID with NoStalk V1.4

21.09.09 – Update to Version 1.4 in Android Market


Version 1.4
Added RingerMode change detection
Added Whitespace trim on incoming Number before check on empty number

Version 1.3
Added internationalization feature
Added German Language to app
Changes to some string values
Changed app’s Homescreen due to some possible missunderstandings
Added a customizable dialog to clarify the app’s behavior on pushing the Quit-Button
Fixed some minor bugs inside Main Activity
Deleted unused code from source

Version 1.2
Added some Logging
Minor bugfix regarding a double user-notification on startup
Bugfix regarding a service Stopcondition
Compilation against the most actual SDK (Version 1.5_r3)

Version 1.1
Added Posibility to disable/re-enable notification bar icon
Removed unnecessary Permission for writing to System Settings: android.permission.WRITE_SETTINGS
Some minor changes in screen formating
Minor change in application startup due to different handling with no notification bar icon
Compilation against the most actual SDK (Version 1.5_r2)

See more on changes at the bottom comments!

All of us know that situation, GSM is ringing and if we look at our your GSM-display, there is written „Unknown caller ID“.

So what to do, who is the caller? Why the caller is hiding his identity? In most of these cases, the caller turns out to be a salesperson who want to sell certain goods you’ll never need. Seldom but with raising posibility you’ll be the victim of a stalker, permanently calling you, again and again. The solution is closer than you maybe think… Fight – Unkown CallerID with NoStalk V1.4 weiterlesen

Logitech – Headset Mobile Traveller HS03 V04 – Testbericht

Heute habe ich mir erstmals ein Bluetooth-Headset für mein G1 Handy zugelegt.

Wie ich im Telefonshop meines Vertrauens erfahren konnte ist es gar nicht so
einfach zu einem Handy ein passendes Headset zu finden. Der Verkäufer machte
angesichts des G1 ein ziemlich betroffenes Gesicht. Scheinbar dürfte in den
Telefonshops türkischer Herkunft das G1 aufgrund geringer Nutzung nicht
sehr beliebt sein. Die Leutz kennen sich schlicht nicht aus damit.

Logitech – Headset Mobile Traveller HS03 V04 – Testbericht weiterlesen